The end of Tradeup Ninja least for now and as a website

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Why it was decided to close the project ?

Tradeup Ninja is a pet project of mine to help the community and do make it useful. Sadly, I've made the tough call to close it down. Unfortunately I don't have an option to host this project for free anymone, and hosting expenses would be too much for a project that is absolutely free. Simply I can't afford to sponsor it myself. Therefore, I've also decided to make this project open source.

I can't say that this is a complete death of Tradeup Ninja because I still want to finalize second version of it with new design and new features but it won't be a website. Most likely I will make it as a Desktop application to cut hosting costs to minimum. This is a long-term goal and I don't know when or IF I will manage to find time and motion to make it.

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