Useful links

This is a collection of useful links (resources) that I personally think will be useful for those who are either starting his journey into CSGO Trade ups world or who needs a quick access to information source. List may change from time to time based on different factors.

Tradeup guide

There is a really great and comprehensive tradeup guide made by Babz which covers most of the tradeup aspects. This is basically a MUST READ resource to anyone who is not familiar with tradeups or is planning on starting doing them. You can view it here.

CSGO Float tradup calculator

CSGO Float has a really great Tradeup calculator where you can experiment with your tradeup inputs and decide how good your tradeup is. This tradeup calculator has some sort of insipiration for this project. They are actively developing their project so please consider giving it a look.

CSGO Market Forum

CSGO Market Forum is a great place to self-educate about CSGO Investing and Tradeups including. It helped me gain a lot of useful knowledge so its definitely a place that you should visit. If you have any questions about tradeup or CSGO investing feel free to ask them on Reddit or Discord. Links are provided below.

Feel that there are more useful resources that should be listed here ? Join our Discord and tell about them. We will consider adding them.

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